About Us

About Us

Welcome to the virtual world of gaming GamestorrentPur

We are a new entrant in to the world of gaming websites. We are new, but we bring along with us several year of technical experience along with a panel of experienced professionals  who have laid out  a host of games which are at par with the games played by today’s generation worldwide, or even better. We are introducing to you a mammoth opportunity to explore and re-discover  the world of gaming through easy to download games from torrent games which are free from any virus or external bugs. We promise to keep you glued to each and every game that we have in our portal. We have an array of Gaming ranging from break neck speed at car racing to missions at the battle field to gory horror. We promise to keep you up and above the rest with an international touch and feel factor with all our games provided in our website.

The feel  is irresistible, the feel of being a Mayor, planning an entire city right from scratch to formulating economic strategies or the feel of a hero single handedly battling the war of World war II with mind boggling missions or the feel of a commando criss crossing the lanes of 18th century England with weapons par excellence is un thought of. We assure and look forward to surge your levels of enthusiasm and adventure in the virtual world, a world full of possibilities. A world which can transform your couch to an aerodynamically modified techno speed car. A world which can transform your room to a city of walking deads, zombie.

Most of our games are highly adaptable and with the latest editions or versions available globally, thus can be played on various platforms available in the market today. Thus an easy and safe download from torrent games is all that you need to do, to access the world of possibilities.

We being a transparent organisation, always welcome your comments, reviews and rating about any or every game we have. Your reviews are precious thus we would take utmost care and attention to details and try and improve with every passing day. Thus feel free to drop in a line whether good or bad. You could also share the feeling of adventure and joy by sharing it with your friends on  social media or any other sharing platform.

So why delay, start gaming today GamestorrentPur.