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Tekken 3 Torrent PC Games [1 CD – Eng]

The stories told in Tekken 3 take place twenty years after those presented in the previous chapter. Jin Kazama, the descendant of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, wants revenge for Ogre’s murder of the mother, the God of Combat. The other characters are new or graphically implemented over Tekken 3 Torrent. Paul Phoenix looks more mature and Yoshimitsu is even stronger with a new laser sword. Forest Law, Marshall’s son, has combat techniques that are largely similar to those of his father.  We will also meet Ling Xiaoyu, who looks like a under boss from Tekken 3 Torrent Wang, while Hwoarang is a martial arts apprentice. Eddy Gordo is finally an ex-detainee with a very special fight style.

Tekken 3 - PC Games [1 CD - Eng] Torrent Tekken 3 Torrent From a gaming point of view you will find an incredible number of shots, a remarkable variety in the wards and projections, the ability to make side shifts to avoid the attacks of the opponents. Overall, the control system is both simple and intuitive and incredibly ready and reactive.

Tekken 3 - PC Games [1 CD - Eng] Torrent In addition to the classic beat modes, there are some interesting novelties. The Ball Mode the wrestlers will face ballooning and you can choose different types of ball. In Force Mode, however, you will face a scrambling beat on the genre of Streets of Rage. Finally, in Theater Mode, you can review all the discovery sequences and listen to the musical themes of the game Max Payne 3 Torrent RePack & Reloaded PC.

Tekken 3 - PC Games [1 CD - Eng] Torrent Graphics is the most spectacular you can get on a Playstation.

Tekken 3 Torrent Compared to the coin op version, the number of polygons that make up the characters. Overall animation frames has decreased. The fluidity, on the other hand, remained the same as the one admired in the coin op. Finally, the textures that cover the polygons, especially the costumes of the characters (in total, there are 21 wrestlers) are all well cared for and well differentiated.
Fantastic the introduction and the ending sequences that though short are absolutely spectacular.

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