The Sims 4 eliminates Gender Limitation In Character Creation

The Sims 4 eliminates Gender Limitation

The Sims 4’Eliminates Gender Limitation In Character Creation

Now all the items in the game are open for Sims men and women. “It’s important that players can express themselves,” says Electronic Arts.

So the game The Sims 4 in which you simulate the life of a family. It has eliminated the gender limitation for character creation. That is, players can now use any physical type, tone of voice, style of walking and cosmetic items to create their Sims, regardless of whether they are male or female.
According to producer Electronic Arts, all clothing, hairstyles. Jewelry and other visual options of the game are also available for both sexes.

The Sims 4 torrent is made by a diverse team and a diverse audience. For us, it is very important for players to be creative and express themselves in our games. So we want to make sure that players are able to create characters with the Using powerful tools that give you control.
This is the first time a feature of the type is implemented in the The Sims 4  torrent series. Which is where players find the tools they need to assemble characters within the game.

Caring For Someone Else’s Life

Since then, the fourth edition of Will Wright’s simulator. Which is also the creator of the “SimCity” series. At the time, the great novelty of the game was the inclusion of a personality system. So With it, Sims have emotions and can become sad or cheerful depending on the conversations with other characters or even the environment in which they are.

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